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TradeSmart Barter Systems. No cares, no cash, no kidding! Serving Clients Since 1994
Why Trade$mart

img_onbarter.pngIt may be tough by yourself - finding the "right" barter partner, negotiating deals, accounting, etc. or having to rely on "the other person" to fulfill their end of the commitment. At Trade$mart, we have a secure network to avoid these complicated situations.  Trade$mart guarantees your barter payment by depositing funds directly into your secure online account.  As a third party record keeper, we provide you with fully accessible electronic statements and a 24 hour live operator to assist with transactions at 866-334-1265.

We act as your sales and marketing department, helping you trade for many of your business and personal needs without using cash - the profitable and innovative way for you to succeed. 

With Trade$mart your 10% transaction fee is paid in Barter as you make each sale. The only cash involved is a low monthly accounting fee of only $19.95, payable by credit card, which will not start until you have made your first trade.

promotes your business at no cost to you in our publications, online directories and The $martPage, our e-news and barter shopping guide to bring you more business!

So why aren't you already bartering? Register risk free and give us a try!